Top 10 Reasons I Love to Ride My Bike to Work in the Summer!

First I should say that my ride is on trails that go through the woods, which means most of the time I am under a canopy and off the road (otherwise I think I’d be too scared to ride a bike on the major roads). I also live approximately five miles from where I work.

10. I don’t have to wait for the A/C to cool the car down before I can go. Instant A/C!

9. I get to park closer than any of the cars in the parking lot!

8. I can zone out and let my mind wander without worrying about getting into a car accident or honked at by crazy, irritable, impatient, stressed out drivers.

7. I feel great about not adding to the poor air quality and wasting fossil fuels!

6.  It takes me about the same amount of time to bike as it does to drive when you consider the traffic lights and waiting for the interior of the car to cool down.

5. I feel like a kid for 20-30 minutes even though I’m going to work.

4. Free music: birds chirping, bike wheels rotating on the pavement, rhythmic sounds of my breath, shifting gears, distance hum of cars on the road, and wind rustling through the trees.

3.  I get exercise in the easy way!

2. I have more energy and a more positive mood throughout the day. Or, at least I set my day off on the right foot.

And the #1 Reason …

  1. I look like sexy in a bike helmet. 😛

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