Guerrilla Art in the Office

Yesterday I started my first installment of Guerrilla Art in the Office, an idea I got after reading “The Art in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days  a Week” by Summer Pierre.  Everyone should read this book.  Even non-artists.  Really.

Actually, I’ve been doing Guerrilla Art for most of my adult life;  I just thought I was the only one who did it.  When I moved to Santa Fe, NM, in my early 20’s I left little notes in bathroom stalls along I-40.  I referred to them as magical fairy notes.  People who found them probably thought I was nuts.  Which I am.   But in a good way, I hope.

Yesterday, I placed yellow sticky notes with inspirational messages in the stalls of the women’s bathroom and one over the coffeemaker at my office.  They read:

1) Yes.  You make a difference.

2) Keep up the Good Work.

3) This moment is more important than you think.
If nothing else, I get a kick out of seeing them every time I use the bathroom or make coffee.  No one has taken them down so I was happy to at least survived a day on the walls of a federal building.

Next up, mommy cartoons.

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